Youth at the forefront of the North-South Centre


The North South Centre of the Council of Europe, in partnership with Braga-European Youth Capital and African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe (ADYNE), organised the 3rd Training Course for Youth Leaders of the African Diaspora in Braga, Portugal (21-27 May) that gathered around 25 participants. This training course aimed at strengthening the role of participants and their organisations with regard to Africa-Europe Youth Cooperation. The course was also an important tool for networking and to renew, enlarge and consolidate ADYNE (the network initiated by the participants of the first training course).

There was the opportunity to celebrate the Africa Day (25th May) together with the participants of the Institutional Meeting of Africa-Europe Youth Co-operation (that brought together representatives from YFJ, PYU, AU, ADYNE, CDEJ, AC CoE, NIYOA and NSC CoE). The celebrations included a one day seminar and cultural activities.

The Executive Director of the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community as well as a representative of the Secretary of State for Sports and Youth of Portugal were two of the speakers present.

The Institutional Meeting took place on the 26th May to discuss the planned activities for 2012 and prospects for Africa Europe Youth Co-operation Programme 2013-2015. This gathering was also an opportunity to launch preparations for the first meeting of the Africa Europe Youth Platform that will take place in November 2012, Addis AbabaEthiopia.

The next highlight in the Africa-Europe calendar will be the 8th Africa-Europe Training Course for Youth Organisations that will be held in the 4th African University on Youth and Development (13-20 July 2012, Mindelo-São Vicente, Cabo Verde) organised in the framework of the Joint Management Agreement between the European Commission and the North South Centre of the Council of Europe, in partnership with the European Youth Forum and the Pan African Youth Union.

The African University on Youth and Development that gathers annually more than 100 participants, is part of the Network of Universities on Youth and Global Citizenship, together with the University on Youth and Development (Mollina-Spain) and the University on Participation and Citizenship (that held its ninth edition last February in Uruguay).
The next “sister” University being held is the 13th University on Youth and Development in Mollina, Spain on 16-23September.

It is expected to gather more than 250 participants involved in different training courses, meetings and working groups. The Joint Theme defined for this year by the Network for all Universities is “Youth Rights”. The North-South Centre, together with the Network of Universities, will organise the Global Education and Youth Training of Trainers.

It is also gathering synergies for the development of a pilot Mediterranean University on Youth and Global Citizenship, to be held in November/December 2012

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