European People's Party launches working group on foreign affairs


The European People's Party (EPP) launched yesterday its new ad hoc working group on foreign affairs. This working group, chaired by Franco Frattini, former Italian Foreign Minister and former Vice-President of the European Commission, and Mario David, MEP and EPP Vice-President, is composed of members of the European Parliament and national parliaments that deal with foreign affairs as well as former Foreign Ministers.

The main objective of this working group is to contribute to the shaping of EPP policy on foreign affairs, focusing mainly on Eastern Partnership, the Middle East and Northern Africa, the Western Balkans, the transatlantic dimension, relations with the BRIC countries, and on all major international issues.

EPP President Wilfried Martens stated that "while the EU is concentrated on solving its economic and financial problems, the world around us is changing. Europe must re-invent its relations with its neighbouring countries and its strategic partners. In the field of foreign affairs - as in all the other policy areas - the EPP will be driven by its values and principles, not by apolitical diplomacy."

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