Syrian crisis discussed at panel session of IV Global Baku Forum



Panel meeting entitled 'Global Responsibility for Syria: towards action plan' has been held in the framework of IV Global Baku Forum.

Panel meeting moderator, Swedish ambassador to Syria Peter Semneby stated issues in Syria shows that no political force is able to put an end to the hard conflict:

Addressing the panel meeting, former Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini emphasized crisis in Syria could lead to degradation of humanity: 'This is a human tragedy. If you are talking about a person, number does not matter'.

Former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien stated the main problem is problem of Syrian refugees.

In the panel meeting, former Croatian President Stjepan Mesic noted that two major problems exist and these problems concerns all the world.

Former Lebanese President Amine Gemayel stressed external intervention in Syria's internal affairs should be prevented.

Stating Russia's becoming a major force in Syria, Former Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Hikmet Cetin said Syrian crisis is a test for the whole world. He noted despite powerful army of Bashar al-Assad, support by Russia and Iran is undeniable fact.
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