Panel on Syrian crisis held as part of IV Global Baku Forum


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A panel titled “Global responsibility for Syria: towards action plan” was held as part of the 4th Global Baku Forum on March 10, APA reports.

Swedish Ambassador to Syria Peter Semneby, who moderated the panel, said that what is happening in Syria is “the world’s most brutal war” and “a human crisis” that should be prevented. 

Addressing the panel, former Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said that the influx of refugees into Europe in light of the Syrian war was unexpected for them.

The influx of refugees into Europe heralds a future crisis, according to Frattini. “In general, to cope with this crisis we at the outset did not have to take wrong steps. The biggest mistake was that from the very beginning we did not have to demand the resignation of Bashar al-Assad,” he added.

Former Croatian President Ivo Josipovic, in his speech during the panel, said that the Syrian war poses a serious problem for the entire world – refugees are one of the consequences of this problem.

Making a speech at the panel, former President of Lebanon Amine Gemayel said that the Syrian crisis is in fact a many-sided conflict.

“The people were tired of the dictatorship in Syria which lasted more than 40 years. The consequences of the current crisis were dramatic from the economic and social point of view. The people were forced to leave the country for Europe and Turkey,” Amine Gemayel said.


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