Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with Franco Frattini the former Foreign Minister of Italy (08 September 2014)


Live conversation with Franco Frattini on A9TV

Adnan Oktar: Franco Frattini [visitor]. Originally a state attorney and magistrate, Franco Frattini continued with his career as the Foreign Minister of Italy and Vice President and European Commissioner for Justice. Having been a minister in the cabinet for four terms, he served as the former Foreign Minister of Italy for two terms.

Adnan Oktar: Franco Frattini, welcome.

Franco Frattini: Good evening, good to see you

Adnan Oktar: Welcome

Franco Frattini: Thank you very much

Adnan Oktar: It’s an honor to have you here, welcome.

Franco Frattini: Thank you, it’s a great pleasure for me, too. Thank you very much.

Adnan Oktar: It’s a pleasure to have you here. I believe we’ll have a very good conversation together.

Franco Frattini: My pleasure, thanks for the invitation.

Adnan Oktar: Like everyone else, we can clearly see the importance of close collaboration with Europe for world peace and brotherhood in particular, for the establishment of a climate of peace if the fighting is to stop, and if no more women and children are to die.

Franco Frattini: Yes, you are absolutely right. Today more than ever the world is full of wars. In my opinion this is due to the lack of leadership and the lack of vision in many, many leaders in the world including European leaders. I am enthusiastically pro-European so I am very sad to say this. We have before us a Middle East which is exploding, a Mediterranean which is full of turbulence and, unfortunately, an Africa where the situation is deteriorating day after day. Unfortunately, so far Europe has not being playing as it should, as a global player, as a protagonist and promoter of peace and mutual understanding. Unfortunately, because we Europeans are still divided on some important issues of foreign policy.

Franco Frattini: The main problems, which I know that you pay great attention to, are to me how to avoid giving the impression to the Muslim world that there is a clash of civilizations and religions, which is not to me the case. On the contrary, we need international cooperation against any kind of extremism. There is no clash between religions, but there should be a confrontation between moderate and extremists. This is the confrontation.

Franco Frattini: We Europeans and Western countries have made many mistakes in the past. I’ve been visiting many countries in the Arab world, in the Mediterranean and in Africa, and I don’t want to be considered as an enemy of the Muslim world. But in practice many ordinary people living in the Middle East think that Western countries want to spread confusion. They consider that Western countries in general, not only America, want to impose our own models and our solutions, which is in my view not the case. Today we have to dismiss that opinion, and since you are a promoter of peace, frankly speaking [I admire your] messages. I know your opinions from your articles, and they represent the right way.

Adnan Oktar: Thank you. What you say is very true and vital. This is the most important problem facing the world. But we will find a solution to it together. Because intelligent people of good intentions, people filled with love, are always the leaders of the world. What they say is always valid. The power that created the world always provides this opportunity for them. The power of good people, people of peace and love are always predominant. Our friends in Italy have suggested we hold a meeting to discuss how we can preserve and strengthen world peace, brotherhood and love in the face of ruthless terror organizations such as ISIS, and how we can put an end to this evil. We are thinking of holding the first of these meetings symbolically in Italy. We would like to invite you. 

Franco Frattini: Thank you very much. It would be a very interesting opportunity for me. I have been in Iraq a lot since the very beginning of the war in 2003, and I traveled a lot through the north of Iraq, from the city of Erbil to the city of Mosul, which is now in the hands of terrorists.

Adnan Oktar: Your being there in person at the heart of events is very important. Your having connections to events is very important. If the total power of Europe can be brought together under a single leader then world peace can easily be achieved. Europe needs to quickly coalesce around a single leader, and that leader needs to concentrate on love, peace and good intentions. You have already noted that.

Franco Frattini: Yes it is true. Sadly I am not so optimistic about the future concerning the leadership of Europe in dealing with this strategic situation, how to counter ISIS. Why I am saying this is because recently the European member states met at least twice to talk about these deaths and the horrible situation with children and women being raped and killed and men being tragically slaughtered. But what was the reaction? Every country will decide, will be free to decide how to support the legitimate government of Iraq. Each and every country will be free, so there will be no united political decision on such an issue.

Franco Frattini: What is absolutely necessary, what is badly needed, is an international coalition of people of good will, eminent personalities. Because unfortunately, knowing European institutions quite well from the inside, as I do having been vice-president of the European Commission for 4 years, I don’t think that Europe today is ready to become a global player overnight. Sadly.

A global network of eminent personalities with reputations for leadership would be feasible, possibly even more so than getting a united European foreign policy quickly. This is the positive lobbying for peace I would to describe.

Adnan Oktar: Of course, that would be very powerful. You are absolutely right. 

Franco Frattini: Unfortunately there are those, and some very powerful states in particular, that believe in defeating violence with more violence. But you will find always somebody who is stronger than you. This is a false delusion.

Adnan Oktar: If you try and eliminate violence through violence, that violence increases 3 or 4-fold. Then the response has to be that much greater. And that leads to a hellish climate. What you say is quite true. They seem to regard it as impossible to approach the matter with love, affection and reason. We need to get over that. That appears to be your opinion, too. I think that a meeting, even if only symbolic, would be very useful. I believe there is an urgent need for activities that can quickly bring rational people together. Love can resolve anything.

Franco Frattini: This would be really an excellent opportunity for my country, and also for the international community because we badly need a group of people recalling the importance of moral leadership.

Adnan Oktar: World Freemasonry can also become involved here. Freemasonry is silent at the moment. I do not think that is right. I think it would be very useful for world freemasonry and other such civil society organizations to become involved very quickly. We will also strive to include them in such a meeting. The situation is dangerous and critical, and we cannot let time go by.

Franco Frattini: Yes, I think we need a strategy, we need a vision we need something which does not affect innocent people any further. Because at the end of the day, as you know perfectly well. those who pay the price are the innocent people. Because the government can decide rightly or wrongly, and if tragedy happens it will happen to innocent people, vulnerable children, women and men. So the problem for me is to put human beings at the very center of our strategy, which has so far not been too much the case when it comes to the international community.

Adnan Oktar: This kind invitation and your feelings of responsibility are really excellent. I hope that people with the same quality and understanding as you will quickly coalesce in the days ahead. I believe that this is a sign from the Almighty God. I shall help you with all my might, and I believe you will help us. If we can tighten relations today, I think that we can produce a very good and core activity by holding this meeting in Italy. Thank you very much for your visit, I am delighted to have met you. We will continue to speak in the future. Finally, if there is anything you would like to add, please go ahead, otherwise we can have a short break.

Franco Frattini: Well the other point I have in mind is that in the vision I’m talking about we should include the spiritual values that can be and should be rooted in any modern society in today’s world. Spirituality is not an option, but a necessity in today’s world. When I listen to the Holy Father, Pope Francis, appealing for peace and compassion and reconciliation I wonder why only the Holy Father is the only religious leaders to appeal directly, straight to the people involved, for the killing to stop. So, an international coalition of all religious leaders of good will is also be badly needed.

Adnan Oktar: That is a most excellent comment. I believe that we are in the time when this will happen. The Pope’s sincere endeavors, and the fact he is a man of peace, are a sign of the return of Jesus the Messiah .

Franco Frattini: Yes, this extremely an important message for me. I very much appreciated, for example, how the Egyptian grand mufti appealed to those who are killing people in Iraq, in the name of the Qur’an, which is the exact opposite of the Qur’an. We should try to increase the messages from such religious leaders. This is also very important for me.

Adnan Oktar: See you in Italy, then.

Franco Frattini: Thank you very much, sir. Thank you very much.
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