UN Italian exclusive: diplomatic “Risk” comes to Rome


One thousand youths struggle with our changing world

One thousand youths, one hundred nations, five days, one capital. Those are just the first figures of the UN branded youth meeting set to be held in Rome from June 30th to July 4th. A worldwide exclusive organized by WFUNA (World Federation of United Nations Associations) in collaboration with SIOI (Italian Society for the International Organization).

It is called WIMUN 2014 and it is the world’s most important simulation of its kind, gathering hundreds of students from the most prestigious universities and colleges from all over the world, eager to challenge each other for a place in “junior diplomacy”.

What about the game field? Forget Kamcatka, Jacuzia and Alberta. No territories to be conquered here. No shooting. It's diplomacy, along with its unavoidable and authentic expertise in pacific resolution of controversies, that dictates the rules of the game.

Eyes set on the capital. That Rome “caput mundi”, landmark of a global city which, due to its history and its position, suggests itself as a privileged venue for accommodating Italian and foreigner youths – all of them from high schools, universities and grad schools – who mean to expand and deepen their knowledge of the UN system and of world diplomacy.

The meeting's shuttle will travel between two prestigious locations, both long committed to the education in international relations and to the promotion of diplomacy as the best mean of knowledge and cultural exchange: FAO's headquarters (UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization) and SIOI, the Italian UN association celebrating its 70th birthday this year. UN roman agencies, WFP (World Food Program), IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural development) and the most important universities will take part as well.

Strategy, knowledge and talent. These are the key words for WIMUN 2014. Which is therefore going to be also a workshop and a conference of the highest intellectual and social value. Other than the young hosts, the highest Italian institutions such as the Presidency of the Republic and the Minsitry of Foreign Affairs will also participate, along with staff members from UN, SIOI, and Rome municipality.

The command dashboard is ready. The countdown has started. Only your name is missing. Make haste and register. Go on SIOI's website, (www.sioi.org) send us your data and get yourself a badge to sit within the landmarks of international equilibriums. 

Sign up for WIMUN 2014 and become one of those thousand youths struggling with our changing world

Info and registration:

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