Resolution on Mali adopted by the EPP political assembly


Resolution drafted by Franco Frattini, chair of the EPP expert group on foreign affairs, together with Mario David, EPP Vice-President and co-chair of the EPP expert group on foreign affairs, Paulo Portas, Foreign Minister of Portugal and chair of the EPP foreign ministers' meeting, Elmar Brok, Chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the European Parliament, Arnaud Danjean, Chairman of the defense and security sub-committee of the European ParliamentEmergency Resolution unanimously adopted by the EPP Political Assembly 

(29th January 2013, Brussels) 

Regarding the situation in Mali:

- That the European Union is, by all diplomatic means, pursuing ways to solve the crisis in the Sahel region with national, regional and international stakeholders and also in a constant dialogue at the highest level with the authorities in charge of the political transition in Mali; 

- That the European Union is in favour of an enhanced international coordination and considers that the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy, Mr Romano Prodi, should play an important role to this end; 

- That the European Union is a core member of the International Support and Follow Up Group on the situation in Mali co-chaired by the African Union and the United Nations; 

- That the government of Mali has asked France for help with military support Malian armed forces to combat against organised and well-armed terrorist militias in the Sahel region; 

- That the French government, given the progresses made by the rebels on the Malian territory and their proximity to the capital Bamako, responded positively and decided to deploy troops that, in the past days, have been regaining ground and liberating some cities from the occupation, pulling back terrorist militias; 

- That the EU Foreign Affairs Council, in an extraordinary meeting, expressed its unanimous support and its solidarity to France, deciding to accelerate the establishment of a European Union Mission on the ground (EUTM), for logistic support and the training of Malian forces; 

- That a number of EU member States have decided to join such a mission

- That in March 2011 the European Union adopted an EU Strategy for the Sahel with a view to play a role in the region, including insuring the security of the Malian population; 

- That the international community was gravely shocked by the recent assault and hostage taking of a great number of employees of In Amenas natural gas field in the eastern central region of Algeria, which resulted in the killing of the large majority of the foreign hostages during the reaction and intervention from the Algerian special forces; 

- Believe that the growing number of terrorist militias in Mali and its neighbouring countries poses a major threat, firstly to the region and their populations, which must deserve our support in the first place, but also and obviously to the international community as a whole; 

- Strongly support the initiative undertaken by the French government on the basis of a UN mandate, as well as the pending launch of EUTM Mali; 

- Call on the EU member states to support France stronger and faster; 

- Congratulate the EU member states and the other third countries which have already decided to support this mission; 

- Welcome the EU mobilisation of over 93 million Euros for the food crisis and the political conflict in Mali; 

- Believe that without a strong and coordinated commitment from African countries and regional organisations first, and then from the European Union and its Member States, the situation on the ground could deteriorate further and lead to a very risky scenario with the setting up of a safe haven for terrorists, contributing to the destabilization of the whole region; 

- Appeal to the neighbours of Mali, and to the African organisations, to strengthen their coordination with the European Union, while asking the Arab League to help and support all the efforts made to defeat terrorist militias; 

- Is concerned about the delay of EU Council decisions and their implementation; 

- Call on the European Union to build on the initial success of Operation Serval and rapidly implement the EU Strategy for the Sahel including by deploying EUTM Mali and extending EUCAP Niger; 

- Appeal to the African countries and leaders of ECOWAS to deploy, as soon as possible, the international mission AFISMA, that, under UN Resolution 2085 (2012), will support the efforts of the Malian authorities to recover its northern regions, still occupied by terrorist militias.

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