Frattini on Sky News: Italians want politicians to be new, to be changed


To show Italy as a country where there is uncertainty on the government, no capacity of having a strong government ruling the country, no majority, and the real risk to have changing majorities during the legislature: this would be a dramatic perspective. While the stability and a stable coalition would represent for us the consolidation of very important progress that Prime Minister Monti achieved during the last year. 

On the contrary there would be a situation where the trust in the market will be lowering down and of course the price of Italian bonds would go higher and higher damaging so the families and the companies in Italy. Because we shouldn’t forget that each an every point more to pay Italian bond interests would be paid by Italian families. This is the real situation. 

I don’t see the end of Former Prime Minister Berlusconi according to the provisional polls that are now. But at the end of the day I think there would be in any case the importance of renew the political picture in Italy because the results of Mr. Grillo - with a performance of 23-24% - show Italians wanted politicians to be new, to be changed. They want to see a new political spectrum.
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