Ppe: Franco Frattini illustra la risoluzione urgente sulla Siria


Draft Emergency Resolution by the EPP Presidency to the EPP Congress in Bucharest,
17th to the 18th October 2012


The European People's Party, considering:

·       the Assad dictatorship in Syria is one of the worst recent examples of a totally delegitimised regime that continues to kill innocent people and so commit massive crimes, affecting fundamental human rights;

·       the international community has been divided, so far,  and thus very weak in addressing this violent crisis, in particular by not achieving consensus in the UN Security Council on effective political, economic and humanitarian strategic plans;

·       after the failure of Kofi Annan’s plan, Mr Brahimi seems to be reflecting on a strong proposal, which includes sending peace keeping and humanitarian UN forces on the ground;

·       the dramatic evolution of the crisis, where Iran continues to support the regime thereby working against the efforts of the Arab League and the Islamic International Conference as well as other key countries, is affecting hundreds of thousands of Syrians: around 30.000 have been killed, others are forced to leave the country.

·       Syria also became the strongest example of extreme religious intolerance with recent crimes and acts of discrimination committed against ethnic and religious minorities, including prisoners.

·       Turkey, earlier a close partner of Syria, has been trying, since the outbreak of the crisis, to play a bridging role in Syria for a peaceful transition to democracy, including the resignation of Assad and his close supporters.

·       The number of Syrian refugees to neighbouring states have tripled over the past three months and living conditions in the refugee camps are extremely difficult; these conditions are expected to worsen further more as winter is approaching the region.

.  There is a growing concern for the possibility that extremist forces marginalize the democratic components of syrian society and jeopardize the real aspirations of the syrian revolution, and those components of syrian community, muslisms and christians alike.

This requires urgent international attention.

For all these reasons, the EPP, considering that the Syrian regime has irreversibly lost its legitimacy:

1. Appeals to the European Union, UN and Arab League to multiply and strengthen their efforts, in order to finally agree on a strategic, concerted plan, which, under UN responsibility, should first of all put an end to violence and give Syrians an opportunity to build a new tolerant and elected leadership.

In so doing, a robust UN peacekeeping and humanitarian protection force should also be considered.

2. Dramatic deterioration of daily life and humanitarian conditions of Syrians in the country and of those that took refuge abroad should be immediately addressed.

3. In particular, the European Union and its member states should send humanitarian aid to affected member states, like Cyprus, and to neighbours of the EU, namely Turkey and Jordan, to face the flows of refugees that already amount to hundreds of thousands. In particular we should make specific efforts to meet the needs of child refugees and unaccompanied children, whose traumatic experience might pose a major obstacle to the future development of Syrian society; calls in this respect for access to at least a provisional form of elementary education for all child refugees.

In this regard, the good example set by the European union in the years 2005-2007 with the strategic burden sharing plan for Iraqi refugees flowing to the Middle East, could be recalled and studied carefully.

4. While dealing with all the urgent humanitarian implications of the Syrian crisis, including keeping the extraordinary added value represented by the multi-religious trait of Syrian society, the EU and its international partners should reflect upon a political perspective for the mid-term.

On this issue we should promote, through political action, further consolidation of the various components of the Syrian opposition, in order to help the opponents of Assad’s regime build a cohesive proposal of a road map for a free Syria, including a step towards democratic elections and a constitutional process that safeguards everybody’s rights.

On all these principles, the EPP is committed to contributing in all political and institutional frameworks to reaching a global alliance and a shared vision for the good of millions of human beings whose fundamental rights are gravely and continuously violated.

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